Purpose, Vision, Mission, and Values.


To provide a creative and playful approach to learning.


To be a go to source for creative education and entertainment.


To encourage and inspire self development and wellbeing through creativity.


D.R.A.W. I.T.

Comfortably and actively accessing the imagination.

Playing and having fun.

Acknowledging a blend of the linguistic concepts prescriptivism and descriptivism. Understanding that everyone expresses themselves in their own unique way.

Putting mental, physical, and emotional health and wellbeing at the core of everything.

Finding new ways to solve problems.

Together Everyone Achieves More

Chris Davy, Creator and Founder


Thank you for visiting Draw It Books!

Draw It Books started in 2007 when I was studying Film Studies & Media and Cultural Studies at Kingston University, United Kingdom. But it wasn’t known as Draw It Books then. I hadn’t even come up with the idea yet. 2007 was simply my last year of university and I was just trying to come up with a project that I could turn into something great.

I have a huge passion for all sorts of entertainment: singing, music, film, art, theatre, and writing; and writing seemed like the easiest thing to do, especially without a lot money. So, I decided to try and work on a kids book series; which is when I came up with the idea for Wendell and Wanda. At the time, I didn’t really know how to develop my idea. So, I pretty much put it to one side and carried on with my life and career.

Fast forward to 2020 and I had the revelation to develop my idea into a Draw-It-Yourself style book. I definitely took my time coming up with that one.

As a kid I loved stories and the pictures that went with them. BUT I also LOVED drawing and painting! That was when I realised I could create a book where people could use their imaginations and join in with the story. I could create a book that people could truly engage with. A Draw-It-Yourself book series!

Even in the years since I was at university technology has developed a lot. So, relatively quickly, I’ve been able to bring Draw It Books to life. I just hope you can make the time to check some of them out. I think you, or someone you know, could really enjoy them.

If you want to share any of your pictures with me please tag @drawitbooks on social media. I can’t promise I will see them, but whenever I do see something that someone has created I think it is fantastic! And I know LOTS of other people enjoy seeing the art that other people have created too.

And last thing, it is really, really important to REMEMBER… this is art… this is not about who is the best or what is the best… it is about GIVING YOUR BEST AND ENJOYING IT!

Art is a vehicle that allows us to achieve our best.

Take it easy and enjoy the ride!


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