Here are some Frequently Asked Questions about Draw It Books:

What exactly is Draw It Books?

Draw It Books is a brand that produces educational and entertainment books that encourage creativity. These books is intended to be used by anyone that likes to learn and play creatively: children, adults, parents, teachers, trainers, and more.

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Who created Draw It Books?

Draw It Books was created by Chris Davy. Read more about Chris here.

What makes Draw It Books special?

Draw It Books encourages users to participate creatively. This might mean creative thinking or encouraging people to use their artistic writing and drawing skills. Lots of other learning and entertainment materials focus on the user being passive and mainly absorbing information.

Draw It Books encourages users to be active and be part of the process in a creative way.

What sorts of books are there?

Wendell and Wanda are storybooks designed primarily for children to help support literacy skills like reading and writing. However, the focus of the books is for children to create the illustrations for the poetic story written inside. Children will still have an opportunity to engage with reading and writing, but the focus is on ‘the fun bit’, drawing. Remember children still need to learn processing and motor skills in order to communicate. Drawing is a fantastic way of supporting them to do this in a playful way.

Drawn from Memory is a language learning series. The focus here is to use visualisation, drawing, and association to learn a foreign language. At present the range focuses on Spanish, but resources for other languages are being developed. An iOS Application is also being worked on.

Draw It Yourself is a growing series of books that more formally focuses on literacy and numeracy skills. Again, the focus is on being creative and engaging with the world around. At present the title ‘Something beginning with…’ is available. This book is designed for children to learn the alphabet and words beginning with each letter. Each page is blank apart from a letter. This provides a template that children can use to draw pictures, practise writing and cut pictures out of magazines and put them inside. Whatever way they want to be creative and learn.

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What if I can’t draw?

In broad terms, what makes ‘good’ art is an opinion.

What makes one art ‘better’ than another is opinion.

Only when you start talking about design and engineering can you really start to label things as ‘good’ and ‘better’.

If you can put something to a canvas, like a pencil, pen, or brush, then you are good at art.

After that, then yes, you may be ‘good’ or ‘better’ at capturing and applying a particular artistic style or technique. But again, that is really a matter of opinion.

The only way to get better at something is to keep trying and learning.

What if I’m not inspired to be creative?

Draw It Books has a blog where you can find an ever growing range of articles of various topics.

Check out the blog and see if something sparks your curiousity and creativity.

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What is the returns process for Draw It Books?

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