How to use art to learn Spanish with SPANISH Drawn from Memory

Either you’ve been trying to learn Spanish for a long time and have never quite succeeded, you want to start learning Spanish, or you are just looking for a new and exciting way to learn. SPANISH Drawn from Memory offers a fun and creative approach to learning Spanish that means you can’t really fail. You just keep finding new ways to make progress. If you really want the information to stick in your mind, SPANISH Drawn from Memory is a book that you must check out.

By using art and visualistion SPANISH Drawn from Memory helps you develop your ability to store information in your mind. This creative approach, that originates from Ancient Greece, allows you store words and phrases easily. So, you can say what you want when you want. Making learning language fun.

It might sound too good to be true. Well read on and discover how the Drawn from Memory method helps make learning Spanish simple and easy. Not only that, you can laugh and have fun along the way. If you are already convinced click here to buy SPANISH Drawn from Memory on Amazon now!

Let’s start with an example

The Spanish word for ‘sorry’ is ‘perdon’. That’s pronounce ‘pehr-don’.

Now…try and imagine a giant pear walking down the street bumping into people, knocking them over, and saying, “Sorry” as it goes.

Now draw a picture of that image on a piece of paper. It doesn’t have to be perfect, just do a quick scribble.

Take a look at it.

Check out this example by Lorraine Inglis Design that features on the cover of SPANISH Drawn from Memory.

Now, turn your picture over and read on.

Draw It Books uses mnemonics (The Study of Memory)

Mnemonics is the study of memory. It is often linked back to Simonides of Ceos who was a Greek lyric poet. The story goes that Simonides was at a large feast when he was asked to go outside to speak to some people. When he went outside, the building that he was in collapsed and sadly killed everyone inside. When the authorities came to help they could not identify the bodies in the building because of the damaged that had been done by the disaster.

The only person who survived the event was Simonides. So, the authorities asked Simonides if he could recall who was at the gathering. By accessing his mind’s eye, Simonides was able to remember who was at the event, where they were sat, and helped the authorities identify the victims.

Simonides realised that not only could he store locations, faces, and names in his mind. He could store all types of information. This method became known as The Method of Loci, The Mind Palace or The Memory Palace technique. It became part of the history of memory training and improvement.

In SPANISH Drawn from Memory, Draw It Books makes use of these techniques to help you learn and store vocabulary in your mind and support you as you learn Spanish.

Learning through play is encouraged

Learning through play is something that children are often encouraged to do. But as we get older, and become adults, learning through play is not always encouraged. Draw It Books wholeheartedly encourages people to learn through play. Because it is one of the best ways to learn.

If you have fun you enjoy the learning process more. If you are happy you develop confidence and enthusiasm. If you like what you are doing you want to keep doing it. All these things are key when it comes to committing and continuing learning.

Let’s keep learning fun. Be creative and learn through playing and drawing.

boy and girl doing painting
Photo by Yan Krukov on Pexels.com

You can use language however you want to store information

People express themselves in many different ways. People have different accents, people use different local words, they use slang, and even say words in different orders. Draw It Books recognises this and wants you to use language however you want to in your mind so that you can store language.

When it comes to storing language in your mind, you can use whatever tools and tricks you want to help you remember information. Find a way that works for you.

By storing this information in a way that works for you, you then have a much better chance of being understood when communicating with others.

Drawing and art supports visualisation

Draw It Books encourages you to use your mind and get in touch with your imagination. This is because storing information and using information is a creative and artistic process. One of the easiest ways to get in touch with your imagination, especially if you don’t feel like a very creative person, is to draw.

Now, you don’t have to be ‘an expert’. Although at Draw It Books, everyone is considered an expert when it comes to art; because what makes a ‘good artist’ is a matter of opinion. So, all you have to do is be a little bit creative. You can scribble little doodles, you can draw stick people, you can even cut pictures out of magazines and put them in your book. It’s entirely up to you. Because at the end of the day, what we are doing is enjoying being creative and developing our ability to visualise and use our imagination to store information.

If we develop our ability to be creative we can develop our memory palace. If we develop our memory palace we can better store information. If we better store information we can more easily recall that information when we want to do or say something.

That’s how this works.

You can’t really fail, you just keep finding solutions

Because the Draw It Books approach is artistic and creative you can’t really fail. You just keep finding new ways to solve problems and make progress.

When it comes to art there aren’t really any ‘wrong answers’. There is just art.

What you do need to do however, is make sure that you blend your art with the correct language and vocabulary you are trying to learn. So yeah, you might make a mistake, but so what? You are human. Humans make mistakes.

Humans also have an ability to learn from their mistakes. Recognising a mistake and learning from it requires the skill of creativity. That skill is related art.

photo of small turtle on soil
Photo by Magda Ehlers on Pexels.com

You go entirely at your own pace

There are no deadlines. The only pressure that you will feel is the pressure that you put on yourself to learn. But you can do as much or as little as you want.

If anything, you will enjoy this method so much you won’t want to stop.


Because it’s silly and fun the information sticks

This is one of the keys to the Draw It Books method. Let it be fun. Let it be silly. The mind can be a complex and interesting thing. But you can learn to use it in smart ways.

It’s ok to think of things that are stupid or silly. You don’t have to act on them. But you can use these stupid and silly thoughts as tools to help you be smarter and store lots of information in your mind.

Then you’ve got a method that you can use to continually grow your skills and knowledge.

Creating memory is an active process

Lots of other methods encourage repetition, which is great, but it’s not always fun. Many people can find the repetition boring. SPANISH Drawn from Memory encourages you to make good long term connections to information that means you don’t require lots of repetition. The focus is more on quality than quantity.

If you make good connections in your knowledge you don’t have to repeat it as much to really get the information to stick. You just remember it.

Now, the final test

Can you remember the Spanish word for ‘sorry’?

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