Why you should learn a new language, even if you speak English

If you are thinking about learning a new language you are in the right place. Here are some benefits of learning a new language, even if you speak one of the world’s most in demand languages; English.

The main reason you should learn anything is because it supports personal growth and progress. Learning a language is an affordable and accessible way to self develop. You don’t have to travel to learn a language. Fortunately, in this day and age, you can learn a language from anywhere in the world.

If you are going to learn anything it’s good to have a reason for doing it. Having a good reason for doing something helps give you the motivation and drive to keep doing it. Here are some valuable reasons why it’s worth learning a new language.

Better communication

Whether it’s with friends, family, or complete strangers. Being able to speak another language means you can have better quality conversations. This means you can have better quality experiences with others. Whether it’s in the personal, private, or professional areas of your life being able to speak another language makes you a more versatile communicator, which ultimately is a good thing.

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Better understand life, history, culture, and plan for the future

When people say it’s a small world, it really is.

The more you learn about language the more you see how alike we really are. Everyone is on a very similar journey. But there are some obvious and subtle differences that make each of our journeys special; our individual relationship with language is one of them.

The history use of language is particularly fascinating. It provides valuable perspectives of how people perceive the world and how language develops, evolves, and adapts over time.

Take the word language for example. It is believed that word ‘language’ comes from the Latin lingua which has definitions that include ‘tongue’, ‘speech’, and ‘language’.

Just as things science and technology, medicine, business, and the economy change so does culture and within it language. Overtime some languages just like creatures become ‘extinct’. So, if you want to be sure that you can engage with people in the future you need to make sure you can communicate with them.

Improve career opportunities

Being able to speak another language simply makes you a stronger candidate compared to others. Yes, it may be that you wish to have a job that requires specialist skills and being bi- or multi-lingual isn’t one of them. But the ability to speak more than one language makes you versatile. For instance, the skill of being able to speak more than one language is the embodiment of being able to multitask.

You can definitely excel in theses areas:





Customer Service

Human Resources


Health Care

Social Care

Flight attendants

Being able to speak more than one language is most definitely a positive and not a negative.

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It’s fun

Depending on the methodology you use, of course, learning language can be great fun.

The Draw It Books – Drawn from Memory method is particularly great fun.

It is something that you can do at your own pace and in your own style to help build your vocabulary and work towards becoming a confident speaker of another language.

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Encourages growth and personal development

As humans we are designed to grow and re-grow. Life really can be looked at as a case of get busy living or get busy dying.

Learning a new language ensures that you will always have an outlet that you can use to develop personal growth; especially mentally. Because that is where a lot of language learning can be done.

Remember, it isn’t always about how quick you get there. Not all aspects of life are a race. It’s more important to be heading in the right direction. The speed at which you go is relative to you. Just make sure you are heading towards growth.

Improves memory and challenges perception

Memory and perception are two huge parts of learning a language.

The Drawn from Memory method, as used in SPANISH Drawn from Memory – 101 words and phrases, is a great way to explore how learning a language improves your memory and challenges your perception.

The method is a fantastic blend of logical and illogical thinking that encourages you to be to creative, but with direction and purpose.

Being able to challenge your perception is a great skill that allows you to reflect on your own knowledge and skills and explore through lateral thinking how you can develop yourself and the way you do things. In this instance, learning a language.

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Develops creativity

The Drawn from Memory method in particular really helps to develop creativity. You are encouraged to create images through drawing, or other mediums, to help you visualise and store information.

The images you create are entirely up to you, but there are some suggestions to get you started.

Personal growth isn’t always straight forward. Sometimes it requires some creativity. Which is why learning a language is a great way to help you develop you relationship with creativity.

Improves problem solving

If you want to talk about a specific transferable skill that you can take from learning a language then it is problem solving. At any point in any day you are likely to encounter a problem; big or small.

Your ability to think and create solutions is key to being able to solve the problem you are facing.

Problem solving is often as much a mental process as it is a physical one.

Learning a language offers you a safe arena to practise problem solving. Yes, you may get a little confused from time to time. But that is a very natural part of learning and growing. As long as your method is supportive and constructive it is simply just a matter of using your time and engaging so that you make progress.

Respecting the process of learning and recognising the rewards you get at the end of it that make engaging in problem solving worth with.

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Makes business and travel easier

Depending on what you do for work, or even if you are looking for a job, learning a language is going to help make your working life easier.

As well as all of the psychological benefits of learning a language, the practical benefits of being able to speak another language will soon become very apparent when you start using them.

It may be that a particular client you have speaks another language. Or another company you are working with are based abroad. Maybe you are at a stage with you business where you are looking to expand it into different regions or countries. Perhaps you are looking to support your workforces skillset with extra training or recruit specialist staff that speak abother language.

All of these things are worth recognising as huge benefits when it comes to learning a language.

Makes holidays more fun

So you want a drink or something to eat? Or you need to know where the toilet is. Perhaps you need some help in an emergency.

These reasons alone are great reasons to learn a language.

Learning a language is simply going to help make life more enjoyable.

So, what are you waiting for?

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